The Battle Network

The Battle Network welcomes you ( We’ve only just launched this site but keep checking back here for more cool content in the coming days and weeks as it starts to fill out a little more.

The Battle Network aims to provide content that will enrich your life and uplift your soul. You will also be able to gain a valuable insight into things we do in the real world which will benefit others.

If you want to get in touch with us or contribute to this revolutionary idea feel free to email us at and we’ll get back to you about how you can get involved! We should stress that there a are a lot of ways you can help us without having to fork out money from your own pocket as well (but more on this later).

We’ve got some great contributors including Brenton Battle who is the founder of this great initiative, and provider of much of the written content for this site and Mike Reggae co- contributor for this website, also the programmer / general internet nerd and guitar player for Australian heavy metal band Reign of Terror. We hope you guys get a lot of out of this website and enjoy it as much as we will enjoy creating it for you! Peace!

Rememeber to keep checking back here regularly for more great infomoration and articles The Battle Network

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