Eradication of human feelings

RE: Eradicating of Human Feelings Since when did the sword become mightier than the pen?

I thought every picture had a thousand word story. I thought that ‘word of mouth’ was the best form of advertising. In fact, I even thought that being called a name would never actually hurt me and broken bones was just a part of playing with sticks and stones.

But I guess I must be just old school. Out of touch with the modern world as it continues to believe we are progressing:

However if believing in:

  1. Pen and paer are two of the most important tools we will ever own and be able to utilise but never master
  2. A Natural photo has a 1000 stories each worth a thousand words and yet the most popular these days get 3
  3. I, like you, have a name. I like most have may nicnames. The names I choose to not to be called are never valued, nor the voice by which it is carried upon. Simple.
  4. Sticks and Stones were thousands of hours of free fun that came with a whole lot of natural understandings and learning curves

Maybe like you, I proudy stand different. If children are our future we need to give opportity a chance to let them lead the way.

In a world where Edhi says ”People have learnt to become intelligent but have not yet learnt to be human” and Einstein said ”We cannot fix ou problmes by thinking the same way we id to create them” then I believe we have lessons not yet learnt from, directions we need to change and the hears working so tirelessly to promote it, support it and have above all else … the ability to releate and connect.

If love is the answer to the eradicating of human feelings we all speack of then surely relatability is the pathway. Indeed it is to a certaintly of one degree of seperation.

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