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Homes of Care for Communities to share

The importance of solving global issues such as homelessness is a precess that can overwhelm or have us acting less in deffeat or mis-guided answeres recieve the greater support.

A 3 part stage by stge process to create multiple pathways to stable housig

Community involvement can be from planting a fruit tree to extensive carpentry. From vidoe maker wannabe to leaflet dropper we can al do something to make a difference

Excting events, relatable news and entertainment and opportunities to utilise a brillaint networking space from a local business to a job seeker

So if you are passionate about making a difference then ask yourself 3 simple questions

So if you are passionate about making a difference then ask yourself 3 simple questions

Some questions everyone needs to ask themselves

What are my strengths?

(Skills, Resources, Hobbies, Time Available, Local Business)

What am I passionate about?

(Animals, Environmnet, Children, Youth, Mental Health etc…)

What are my Dreams?

(Destinations, Career or Business, Bucket Lists etc…)

In Just 10-15 Mins with these questions everyone needs to aks themselves you will not only realise you are much more valuable to yourself and those around you than you think.

We have greater concerns occurring on a daily basis and while our focus needs to be on our streets, we support elsehwere.

Together Battle Housing can all build to dreams from wanting a home to needing a home

Caution: Amazing stories, awesome events and Community spirit happens right here!

Be sure to check back here regularly for more uplifting content from

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