Hopeful Directions

Hopeful Directions is a new business based out of Adelaide, which sets out to help people with Disabilities. Run by the passionate Jodie Biddle (Who herself lives with a disability) the organization aims to connect those with a disability to information and work opportunities.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jodie through some unfortunate circumstances which involved her getting a grant and hiring the wrong person to manage her finances. Said person left Jodie’s organization broke and even worse in debt

Jodie has shown a lot of courage to ‘dust off’ and bounce back and we at the The Battle.Network are proud to be helping her resurrect her business and get back onto doing what she does best which is helping people.

We emplore you to check out the Hopeful Directions website and read some more about her. She is a beautiful human doing the best she can. If you really like what she does there is a “Go Fund Me” link for which any contributions will be most welcome and also a facebook page linked to the organization as well! Show her some support and enable a human to help other humans!

As always be sure to keep checking back with the The Battle Network for more good news and interesting articles.

And be sure to visit Jodie’s Go Fund Me:

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